Monday, March 07, 2011

Gear You Didn't Know To Need

We're planning to make at least one ski trip this winter, and I've been asking around at the office - any recommended mountains or ski schools?

One colleague (we discovered that we were in the same hospital on the same weekend six years ago - her son is a day older than Q-ster. Small world, eh?) recommended a place that has chair lift magnets and GPS trackers for children. The kids wear special vests with a metal plate in them, and then they stick to the chair lifts and won't fall out until the magnet is released at the top of the lift. Can you imagine the opportunities for comedy? Technology is changing things in an amusing way!

In an unrelated "oh how things have changed way," we watched the 25th anniversary concert of Les Miserables, one of SwingDaddy and my favorite shows from our teen years, and the part of Marius (the earnest revolutionary student who falls in love with Cosette) was played by a Jonas Brother. Even worse, I recognized him.


Stimey said...

Chair lift magnet. Brilliant. And disturbing. But brilliant.

Bob said...

Nice magnet trick. Thanks for the Jonas brothers hint, no wonder he looked familiar.

Asianmommy said...

Haha--that's so funny! We just went skiing last Sunday, and it was so fun. The kids had a blast going down the slopes. The little one did have some mishaps with the ski lift--one time she didn't manage to jump off and started going around the bend and heading back down--Gah!

mayberry said...

I watched that too and it was a very strange realization.

We have gone skiing twice in the past several weeks but haven't encountered any of that fancy schmancy technology. In fact, at the first place, the ski school instructor didn't even take my cell phone number (I tried).

Lara said...

I watched that same program as well. I was surprised by the inclusion of Nick Jonas, but he did start his career on Broadway, so I think that made it a little more acceptable to me. He did a decent job on the role, but he was no Michael Ball. Personally, I think the 10th anniversary concert was far superior to the 25th.