Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You Try to Find a Title to Connect These Topics

We had a team dinner tonight where a Scandinavian colleague was enjoying his margarita and commenting on how severe the DUI penalties are in his part of the world. The culprit gets an immediate 21 days in prison, loses his driver’s license for two years, and then pays ten percent of his annual pre-tax salary as a fine. Wow. Apparently, it halved their road-death rate.

And in a more cheerful and totally unrelated work story, I was delighted to overhear a conversation in the hallway where one young man was getting advice from another on picking a jeweler for ring designs. An engagement is brewing!


Bob said...

A very engaging DUI penalty.

mayberry said...

Hmmm ... I love a challenge. How about "Don't propose and drive"? Or something about a ball and chain...

Hmph. I like Bob's much better.