Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Somewhat Less Serious At the Library

After the recent library trips that were laser focused on acquiring as many books as possible, this week, I could hardly get them to come inside. Who knew a concrete library courtyard could become so much fun!

And . . . in an unrelated note, I just about killed my (normally wonderful) GPS this week. I did a "search by name" for Target, and it listed all the Targets in California, starting with the MOST DISTANT location first. Ack!

Target 428 miles away, then 414 miles. I scrolled down endless pages to find the one 2 miles away. There’s a way to change the sort order, I’m sure, but can you think of a situation where you’d EVER want to know the furthest store from you?


Bob said...

Cute pics.

Need some Control-B key to get to the bottom for the GPS. But it probably does not have that unless you buy an App.

mayberry said...

Now that is odd!