Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Perils of Mr. Bump

Every parent has to come up with a strategy for dealing with owies that are more about drama than actual pain. Mine has been Mr. Bump.

As an accident-prone member of the Mr. Men series of books, some clever merchandiser realized that Mr. Bump was the perfect character to turn into one of those chilled gel packs that one keeps in the fridge for, well, bumps.

After sufficient repetitions of "Mr. Bump will make you feel all better," my children now only need to SEE the gel pack to feel ok. Buster will loudly demand Mr. Bump, grasp the prized packet, not even touch the alleged injury, and hand it back, saying that he's fine now.

I'm not sure how I feel about this, but given that the placebo effect is strong in my family, I might as well make use of it.


Non sequitur theater tonight. I just have to tell another "it's all about perspective" weather stories. I was speaking with one of my Scandinavian colleagues who was thrilled at the beautiful weather they had over the weekend. “It was twenty below," he exclaimed, "but in the sun, it felt like zero!”

Even taking into account that that's Celsius, it just makes me glad I live in California. If I make another trip to visit those guys, I need a new coat.


Anonymous said...

Remy chewed through Mr. Bump one day, when I wasn't paying attention. Sadly, we are now bereft of Mr. Bump.

Love the "it felt like zero" comment

Fourth B

Bob said...

"The Placebo Force Is Strong"

New Star Wars quote

mayberry said...

We have had temps just above freezing the last few days and everyone is going around exulting in the warmth. I saw a mailman wearing shorts today!

Anonymous said...

My kids go through band-aids like they're candy. I can't imagine those are more than a placebo, either, because they don't provide actual pain relief. I think maybe kids are just like that.