Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Love Every Year

This year, I thought for certain that we’d be heading to Target for Star Wars or some other licensed character Valentine cards. Instead, Q-ster wanted to make homemade cards again, so I happily got out the heart-shaped tracers and we got to work.

Actually, Q-ster got to work. He’s gotten amazingly capable. I traced the hearts so that we’d conserve paper, but he cut them all out at lightning speed, informing me that if we stacked the pages up, he could cut two at a time – and he did, swiftly and accurately! I wielded the glue stick while he wrote every one of his friends’ names on the cards and signed them. We added a lollipop for good measure. Go dude, we rocked the Valentines this year.

I looked back at an old Valentine post, and for a moment I thought it was Buster in the picture. Nope, it’s my big boy, looking like a little wee one, just two years ago. Treasuring the days, that’s for sure.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


mayberry said...

He does look very grown-up in that picture. Happy Valentine's Day!

Bob said...

Cutting two hearts at a time, industrial engineer in the making.
Looking good.

Anonymous said...

Wow, go Q-ster!

I do have to say I found making Valentines with my almost-6-year-old this year was far easier than with my almost-5-year-old last year. It's amazing what a difference a year makes for a kid!