Monday, February 07, 2011

The Case of the Missing Blankie

The micro dude loves his blankie.
Loves, loves, loves his blankie.
I bought two of the same (sealife!) blanket when he was an infant, cut one in half and edged it so that we could rotate between two smaller and easier-to-carry lovies. One to snuggle, and one for the laundry. The second full blanket was tucked away, just in case we needed a replacement.

For years, it's never been a question. We always knew where Blankie and Backup Blankie were. This month, however, one of them went missing for a full two weeks, until I finally discovered the culprit.


The micro dude had been snapping his blankie like a wet towel, and he whapped me in the face, pretty hard. So I confiscated it, gave him a little talking-to, and uh, forgot about it. And then spent the next two weeks looking for that darn blanket!

Not one of my finer moments, although I suppose being on top of things three years ago made sure there was fabric to make two more backup blankies. Anyway, all is back to normal in the blankie rotation now.

And in a total non sequitur, we had a Tiger Mom episode this weekend and had Q-ster play his first at-home "recital" for guests at our house. My childhood is filled with memories of playing piano for whoever came to visit. I liked the result - lots of performances make for a nice confidence level - so, it's the little dude's turn now.

He did well and even smiled a little when he bowed. After his grimly serious demeanor at the last recital, I let him know that a smile was part of the choreographed bow, and he seem to buy in.


Anonymous said...

It's true, the smile really is critical. It's why I was very careful to smile as I walked down the aisle at my own wedding. Many brides are overcome with emotion, and end up looking like they're walking to their death. Plastering on a grin can only improve the photos, and everyone's impression of you.

Bob said...

Nice blankie story. Early recital manner training.

Mayberry said...

That blankie is adorable!

Did I tell you that at the school piano recital, O. faked playing at least one song, but soaked up the applause and dramatically blew kisses back to the audience. So we're working on overconfidence at this point.