Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Boy and His Toaster

Inspired by a friend who says that his son (two weeks older than Q-ster) can operate a toaster, meaning he can make breakfast for himself and his little sister (two weeks older than Buster), allowing the parents an extra hour of sleep on the weekend, we have purchased an easy-to-use toaster.

We had a practice run earlier in the week, where the little dude was excited to contribute toast to dinner. And he made breakfast for himself yesterday!

We need to re-arrange our shelves to have plates within his reach, but this is very exciting progress for certain sleepy adults in this household.


Bob said...

And make breakfast for parents too.

Anonymous said...

I clearly need to get on this. My kid is 6 already, and she's already falling behind in toastering. ;)

mayberry said...

we have a freezer-on-the-bottom fridge, so my son helps himself to frozen waffles ... which he eats cold.