Monday, February 21, 2011

Behold the Ninja Cupcake

The little dude turns six in a couple of weeks, and he'd originally requested a pirate ship cake for his party. He made quite an elaborate drawing of the Black Pearl, complete with dark sails and cannons. However, the world has changed since last month, and now the hot thing is ninjas, specifically the Lego Ninjagos.

What in the world was I going do to for a ninja cake? Fortunately, the internet saved me, and I saw a clever design from Baking Makes Me Happy. This weekend, we baked yellow cake cupcakes (since Lego figurines are yellow) and prepared for the beta ninja cupcake trial.

Buster helped pour ingredients and Q-ster helped mix. They offered to decorate, but I thought I'd better start that myself if we were going to try a fancy design.

"That's ok," said Q-ster, "We'll be judges."
I started on the frosting.
"You need to explain what you're doing and tell us what ingredients you use."
I started narrating my actions.
"And then when we eat them, we'll tell you how they taste and you should tell us more about the cupcakes."

Apparently, my children like Food Network a lot.

Here are the first batch, where I tried some different frosting tips and practiced making straight lines in frosting. Clearly, I picked too frilly a dispenser for the center left cupcake, because it kind of looks like Little Bo Peep. The top left fellow looks like a mummy.

I like the expressive eyebrows on this guy, even if I got a little sloppy on his mask.

This is my best ninja.

I think I'm ready for the party - time to buy some blue, red, and white frosting!


Bob said...

I like the design, especially with knit eye brows or cross looking eye brows. Make some cute ones with raised eye brows too.

mayberry said...

Those look great! I love the insistence that you narrate your cupcake-making.

Anonymous said...

Those look fabulous. And delicious.

I hope the judges went easy on you. ;)

Anonymous said...

How fun!
And narrating it is great.

So I'm curious if little dude and micro dude are going to get title upgrades with upcoming birthdays too? Micro dude is getting quite big now!