Sunday, February 27, 2011

The 80's Rock

Woot! I'm not a karaoke girl - the whole lack of vocal talent and the preference to dance and all - but SwingDaddy downloaded just the perfect combination of new tunes for Rock Band and I was excited to sing them. Pat Benatar/We Belong, Human League/Don't You Want Me Baby, and Bonnie Tyler/Total Eclipse of the Heart. So awesome. I got my first 100% ever for We Belong.

Yeah, yeah, you can tell I was playing on the "easy" level and SwingDaddy's guitar level was on "expert," but this is one game that we can all play and enjoy together. Q-ster's gotten pretty good on drums.

My rhythm guitarist, however, missed his nap and dozed through our jam session.


Bob said...

Yay, something the whole family can enjoy, well almost ZZZZZZ.

mayberry said...

At least he is appropriately and adorably attired.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure he's not the first guitarist to sleep through a gig. ;)