Thursday, February 03, 2011

100 Days

In honor of the 100th day of kindergarten, all the children were asked to bring a baggie of a hundred of the same item. I don't recall the same fascination with one hundred days back when I was in school, but it's a pretty cool idea, having a physical concept of what the number means.

We thought about what to bring. 100 pieces of Lego? 100 candies? Q-ster wanted to bring 100 peanuts, since we have a big container in the pantry, and we were all set to start counting, until I remembered that sending peanuts into an elementary school would probably been seen as akin to sending 100 anthrax spores or something.

We settled on a food item, because the little dude was worried that some items might get lost in the shuffle (say, if he sent his Legos), and the only thing handy was rice. So he counted 100 grains of rice. Note the big pile of extras on the far side of the plate? That's Mommy's fault, for giving him a half cup to start, instead of the tablespoon that probably would have been plenty. Rice grains are a lot smaller than one would think. (Unrelated: He's wearing a variant of his many pirate costumes in the picture.)

We were curious what the teacher might comment, since she must see all sorts of items coming into the classroom, so we asked Q-ster. "What did your teacher say?"

Q: She said thank-you.

Ok, telling it as it is.

It's been a good 100 days of school. Many more to come, I hope!


Bob said...

Good catch of the 100 peanuts, that was close.
100 grains of rice, very clever.
If the days goes to 200 or 300, you can get the dry red beans or green beans at that Japanese supermarket store next to Beard Papa.

Anonymous said...

It's true, peanuts are pretty much evil incarnate in most schools right now. But if there are allergies, I understand it.

appleseed said...

Rice is a fantastic idea! Small, light and easily portable! We went with Buttons. light but bulky...

mayberry said...

jelly beans here! It was kind of an accident. Jeff brought home these four small metal tins from work. They looked exactly like mint containers, so we thought 100 mints would be great. Then we opened them up to find ... jelly beans. And only 80 of them! We had to make a special trip to the drugstore for 20 more beans.

Asianmommy said...

I like the rice idea, too. We were assigned to bring in 100 pretzels.

Desiree said...

At first glance I thought that the rice on the black tray was an iPad - haha! We just had our 100th day too. Andrew decided to bring in mini-marshmallows to share with the class. One kid even brought in 100 packs of fun dip to share with the class, which only has 25 students. Wonder what the parents did with the other 75 fun dips?!