Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Nutcracker on the Mind

Last month was full of Nutcracker chatter from moms of tiny ballerinas, either adoration of their daughters' dancing prowess, joy in seeing their delight in performance, bemoaning the massive rehearsal commitment during an already-busy December, wistful reminiscences of their own ballet days, the love/hate decision of whether to do it again next year in order for the little darling to be a snowflake one more time, or a combination of all those thoughts.

I observed, mostly unaffected. Except for a brief summer when I was eight, my ballet studio hours were all as an adult, cross-training for other dance forms, so the backstage Nutcracker scene wasn't part of my childhood. I find the music spectacular, but unless I know someone in the cast personally, I'm done with seeing amateur and semi-pro productions. I've seen enough wobbly cavaliers and fairies, thank you.

(I also find the finances behind the ballet interesting, because I've read that Nutcracker revenue is often responsible for 50% or more of a company's operating expenses, but that's a separate tangent.)

Anyhow, Q-ster expressed some interest in the Nutcracker, given all the seasonal decorations and his fascination with complex plots, and we poked around YouTube for clips of the dancing. He's thrilled that he could maybe play a boy soldier (waving swords! on stage!) someday, but we loved this video clip of the Russian Trepak the best.


Magpie said...

I have a DVD that you might like for your boys. If you're interested, email me your mailing address.

Bob said...

Such powerful legs and great balance.

mayberry said...

There is a historic house museum here that does a Nutcracker production every year - the audience moves from room to room to see the dances. It's a nice twist.