Thursday, January 06, 2011

New Volunteer Skills

I'm moving up in the world of kindergarten classroom volunteer. This week, I got to tape colored paper to little boxes!

Seriously, I love sitting in the back of the classroom for an hour, every two weeks. The teacher introduces ideas so expertly, the children answer questions with this charming combination of seriousness and ridiculousness, and I get a little peek at how Q-ster interacts with his friends.

As a byproduct, I even get to accomplish something that I can touch. It's a nice change from back to back conference calls where it occasionally feels like the primary accomplishment is an agreement to cooperate on something in some indefinite time in the future.


Bob said...

The photo angle of the formation looks cool (Chorus Line formation).

Anonymous said...

Those are some fancy-pants boxes. You are clearly a taping whiz. :)

mayberry said...

I agree with Amber. That looks challenging!