Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's a Costume Change, Not a Photo Filter

Backstage last night at tech rehearsal for our show this weekend. Have I not written about the concert coming up with a full live symphony? I'll catch up at some point.

It's a quick change, but I can take off the red Victorian gown, petticoat, corset, combination bloomers, red ballet shoes and put on my undergarments, other petticoat, white gown (with a little help), and pink ballet slippers in 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Whew. I had an extra minute afterwards, so I think I have time to add some white flowers to my hair, maybe a necklace if I'm ambitious.

Dress rehearsal tonight!


mayberry said...

Wow! You all look amazing, and that's before you even start dancing!

Anonymous said...

Break a leg!

And I am highly, highly impressed with your quick-change time.

nonlineargirl said...

Good luck with the show!

Anonymous said...

Way to change fast!

I did a double-take on the photos
though, that it's not just a change in dress for the dancer on the right.

Best wishes for a wonderful show!


Bob said...

Pretty. I like this hairdo.