Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Whole Darn Sealife Theme Park and Only Two Octopi

We took the boys to SeaWorld with my parents over Thanksgiving and had a splendid time. Surprisingly, no meltdowns, and only ten thousand pounds of snacks were consumed, one grape at a time.

A very fat penguin.

A flock of flamingos taking a walk. They are much taller than I imagined, not that I really imagined ever standing next to one.

Shamu (and friend) jumping.

Stingray petting pool. Stingrays have funny stubby heads, but I didn’t manage to catch on camera.

The boys were very cute at pointing out when they saw an octopus. “Mommy, mommy, look!” There was a picture on the sign for the aquarium building and a live octopus inside the aquarium, where it had suctioned itself on the glass facing us. It felt a little like we were seeing his underwear, since all his suckers were exposed.

I was disappointed that there were endless fuzzy orcas to be purchased and not a single plush octopus, but that’s probably for the best anyway.


Bob said...

Great day. Well behaved. Couldn't ask for more.

Anonymous said...

That penguin is very impressive. I'm a little intimidated by him (her?), to be honest.

And too bad on the lack of octopi. SeaWorld really ought to rectify that.

mayberry said...

Love these pictures! Portly penguin, indeed.