Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reindeer Resource Management

As an industrial engineer by education, this story pleases me a great deal:

It was raining today as we walked to Q-ster’s classroom, and he commented that “Christmas should never be cancelled. Christmas is the greatest thing!”

Then he paused, worried. “What if it rains on Christmas?!”

I reassured him that it would be ok.

He thought about it, and added, “Well, they’ll have to have extra reindeer to pull the sleigh.”

Ah, anything can be overcome with proper scheduling and application of resources.


Bob said...

You have a little industrial engineer.

Anonymous said...

As a Pacific Northwester I can assure you that Santa handles rain very well. I think his magic repels moisture, or something.

mayberry said...

I'm very glad that Santa has a good staff of engineers.