Thursday, December 02, 2010

Q-ster, Star Student

Each child in Q-ster’s kindergarten gets to be “Star Student” for a week, where they create a poster that tells everyone something about themselves, bring items to school for show and tell, and serve as the teacher’s helper.

Last weekend, he brought the blank poster home to prepare for his starring week, and I figured I’d help him with what to write and draw for each topic. Instead, he went ahead and filled out each one independently and charmingly.

Our family.

What he likes to do – play Legos, of course.

What he wants to be when he grows up – a hero.

He also wrote that what he most dreams for is a dog, since his best friend just got one.

I volunteered at kindergarten today, and his teacher confided that having him be Star Student this week is like having a classroom aide. He can really step up and help, which is not always the case with five year old “helpers.” Go little dude, we’re proud of you!


Bob said...

Way to go Q-ster. Drawings getting better and a good helper.

Desiree said...

We have "star student" at our school too. I love that Q's class has a template to go off of - we have to make posters from scratch and there is a lot of pressure and competition going on!!

Anonymous said...

That is some pretty impressive printing, I must say. Go Q-ster!

mayberry said...

Very sweet! My son's most recent picture of our family included our dog and "a stinky sock," but "sorry mommy there was no room for you." !

Cold Spaghetti said...

Those drawings are GOLD. I love the Lego one that shows the drawers... the association with Legos within something that keeps them organized??? *swoon!*