Monday, December 20, 2010

The Development of Dangerously Practical Skills

The micro dude has made some leaps in the use of tools. He’s discovered he can reach any light switch with the proper application of footstools. And he can also get enough leverage to turn a round doorknob if he’s on a stool. So, there’s no safe place from him in the house now.

His big brother is picking up some extra skills too. SwingDaddy had a football game on the TV yesterday, and suddenly both boys appeared in the playroom, wearing their Chargers jerseys. They’d gone upstairs together and located their jerseys in their respective dressers. Q-ster donned his, and then helped his little brother. Go team!


Bob said...

This is such a cool photo, great color contrast.

mayberry said...

In our house, independent dressing is a selectively applied process!

Anonymous said...

They're looking seriously cute.

And I feel your pain. My own 2-year-old is into everything. I've given up on even trying to keep him out of most stuff at this point, it's just futile.