Thursday, December 09, 2010


Every time I think the garden has produced the last roses of the year, there are a few more.

Once again, an unrelated note.

I'm not worried that I might "turn my sons gay" by allowing them to investigate my makeup. Buster regularly requests "LIPSTICK!" while I'm at the mirror in the morning, and I give him an old tube that he plays with, snapping the cap on and off. This is usually followed with the statement, "It's a GUN!" while pointing it at an imaginary enemy.

So now lipstick has joined the long list of items (fingers, lincoln logs, legos, play drills, the lower case "r" from the wooden puzzle) that cannot be pointed at anyone while making a shooting noise. Who would have thought.


Bob said...

To Boys, everything is a gun.

Anonymous said...

They're clearly dedicated to the pursuit of firearms.

mayberry said...

Darn those lowercase Rs!

Anonymous said...

Not, that having gay sons would be bad, of course;)

Lady M said...

FB - correct! If anything, it just goes to show how much nature plays into it all. People are who they are!