Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Best Gift is Giving, with Sprinkles of Course

I love the festivities around the holidays, and finding a gift that will delight the recipient is one of the best parts. Last year, I realized that too late that I hadn't prepared things for Q-ster to *give.* He didn’t get to have that excitement and anticipation of watching someone open the present you made or selected.

I thought lots about what the boys could make that wouldn’t be a total dust collector. Bookmarks? Picture frames? I settled on edibles, and thanks to the good ol’ fashioned internet, found a description of how to make chocolate covered pretzels.

There are, of course, no picture of the work in progress, because I was too busy supervising little hands. Q-ster became surprising adept at shaking sprinkles evenly over the chocolate. Buster pretty much dumped the whole portion on one end of the pretzel and then tried to pick up the extras for eating.

Tasty, pretty, and even hygienic. The amount of hand-washing and prevention of nose-wiping that went into this project rivals any cooking project I’ve ever seen.

We packaged them up, Q-ster drew some cards, and we mailed them out. Woo-hoo!


bob said...

Yummy, and pretty.

mayberry said...

I think my favorite part is the iPhone laid out among the essential ingredients for the project.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Well done, family. :)