Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Benefit of Being Really Late

We managed to capture the not-as-elusive-this-year family picture on Thanksgiving day. I ordered the holiday carsd the following week. I opened up the spreadsheet where all our family and friends' addresses were tidily typed, and then I closed it again. And it stayed closed. Weeks later, it was time to step up and scrub the data.

The major bonus to getting your cards ready on December 22 is that more than half of our friends have already sent theirs, eliminating the need to confirm their current mailing addresses. I got most of the rest updated during the afternoon and sat down to face the dreaded Mail Merge.

I've been dodging it for three Christmases, editing the old mailing label file, but I knew that this year, it was too far gone. Time for a new merge. Something went wrong or just changed in the last Windows/Office upgrade, and the formerly effortless task had become daunting. I opened up the help file and began to read.

The better part of 90 minutes later, I conquered the Mail Merge, including the subterranean linking of source Excel files to Microsoft Word, and the resetting of my label format. Whew!

I've got the cards labeled, stamped, and stuffed. SwingDaddy will take care of sealing the batch, and now I can just enjoy everyone's cards coming in.


Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Now I can have you do mine next year.

Fourth B

Stimey said...

I always make my husband seal the envelopes too. He licks them, which strikes me as not the best way to do it. (We DO own sponges.) But as long as they get done, I don't mind.

Magpie said...

I succumbed to mail merge this year, because I couldn't face hand addressing...

It took the better part of an afternoon, and in the end, I probably didn't save any time at all!

Bob said...

Pretty tough job

Waltzing with Widgets said...

It does seem like MS changes things sometimes just to change them. I haven't tried a mailmerge for about 15 years, glad to hear you have surmounted the obstacles though!