Thursday, December 23, 2010

At A Certain Point, It's Lazy, Not Frugal

For the last couple of years, I've had a Christmas prep list that has slowly been shortened by attrition, throwing in the towel, and occasionally, accomplishment.

It took a couple of years to find pretty stocking holders to sit on our mantle that weren't either ugly or out of stock. They are sitting empty-hooked over the fireplace right now, because I'm afraid Buster will grab the stocking and bring the heavy holder smacking into his head. The stockings will go up Christmas Eve. Next year, perhaps they can be festive decorations for a few weeks. Depends on the impulse control of someone very small.

I found really nice stockings at Crate and Barrel, so I crossed sewing new stockings off the list. Two years ago, I sewed new Christmas gift bags in the giant sizes required to store boxes of toddler toys. Last year, well, we all remember the fiasco of the felt Christmas ornaments, so let's just say that we've given up making our own and have recalibrated our satisfaction with the current state of the tree.

The one remaining task on the list after all these years was to make new gift tags. We are frugal around here and use the same colorful Christmas-fabric gift bags year after year. Same with the gift tags. I made a set of tags years ago, and we tie them to the presents each year. There have been some additions and amendments as family members are added.

But really, it's time to replace them. We give joint family gifts to my parents (it's so much fun to brainstorm with my sister), and those tags used to all be labeled "To Mom and Dad, From Lady M, SwingDaddy, and FourthBreakfast (my sister.)" In a magic marker scrawl, there's the addition, "And Fourth Breakfast's husband."

It was probably fine that first Christmas after they were married. Problem is, they will be celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary this summer.

Plus, the little dude can read now, so tags that say "Dad" and "Mom" should be SwingDaddy and me, rather than my parents.

So, I finally made new tags. I printed our names on those perforated Avery business cards, punched holes, tied ribbons, and attached some pretty holiday stickers that I acquired in 2007 for this purpose. Done. Woot!


fourthbreakfast said...

I can't wait to see them!

Waltzing with Widgets said...

Their 10th anniversary! Wow... time flies. Glad to hear you use gift bags- for a long time I thought my mom was the only one. They certainly are much quicker.

mayberry said...

Those look great and I love the idea of reusing. My sister-in-law is an illustrator and her tags are so beautiful, I save a few each year and keep them with the tree ornaments to hang in the future.