Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Alternative

What I neglected to mention yesterday is that the endless rounds of “Sleigh Ride” were actually a welcome relief from the music that has become the Theme Song of Christmas in our household . . . The Imperial March, also known as the ominous tones accompanying Darth Vader whenever he appears on screen.

Last year’s Star Wars ornaments also play that tune, and oddly, I’m beginning to feel the holiday spirit when I hear it.


mayberry said...

Family challenge: Come up with some holiday lyrics to go with the tune. Like, "Deck the halls with x-wing fighters, fa la la la la..."

Anonymous said...

This made me laugh. It's a reach for me, thinking of Darth Vader as festive, but I can imagine that if any family would embrace that, it would be yours.

Bob said...

Forgot about this ornament. Really well made.