Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today in Pop Culture

Yes, Princess Diana's life wasn't a fairytale, but I was always fond of her. It's lovely to see her son give that ring to his fiancee, and I wish them happiness!

I've always loved that picture of Diana with her two boys. I'm unlikely to ever get both of mine in ties, but I think Buster is close enough to bribing-age that I'll be able to get some cute huggy shots, perhaps even in time for Christmas cards.

In other pop culture news, I expect all of you to vote for Jennifer Grey (go, Dirty Dancing fans!) next Monday night, because it would be a travesty for Bristol Palin to win Dancing with the Stars. Yes, she's a trooper for enduring her mother putting her in the public eye as a pregnant teen, but she's no dancer.

Photo credit: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters/Landov; A.G. Carrick/Camera Press/Getty


Anonymous said...

I liked the way Prince William said that the ring was a way for his mom to share in the excitement. I'm all for modern living, but I would have preferred a more fitted suit on him for this occasion. The jacket looks huge on him.

Fourth Breakfast

Bob said...

A fiancee with college education, much better company.

mayberry said...

You might be surprised about the ties. O. has a collection of three or four and he loves to wear them (it started with "ring boy" duty)! But a huggy photo would be best of all.

Anonymous said...

Ties? You might be able to pull that off. Ties, shorts and knee socks? Probably not. ;)

I don't watch DWTS (the horror!) but my cleaning lady gave me a whole earfull today about the travesty that is Bristol Palin. So you've got her in your corner.

Plus, I loved Dirty Dancing.