Thursday, November 11, 2010

Second Careers and More Travel

Loved this image of retired NFL champion Jerry Rice in his new career, hot glue gunning sequins to a mirror ball (in the Dancing with the Stars segment parodying Sports Center.)

Total non sequitur theater today:

Enjoying a shoe shine at the airport earlier this week. Yay for new-looking shoes!

Other thoughts - I purchased entirely too many bottles of water at the airport this week. Pricey.

My business trip was entirely airport-hotel-conference room, so I didn't actually see anything interesting enough in Chicago to get some kind of treat for the boys. And they didn't notice the lack of gifts when I got home. Yay for huggy boys!


Bob said...

Welcome Home

Anonymous said...

Any career that involves a hot glue gun is aces with me. Add in the sequins, and you've got it MADE. ;)

mayberry said...

Yay, smart boys!