Sunday, November 21, 2010

It’s All Perspective

We were showing a mechanical device to our Scandinavian colleagues who were in town for the week, when one of them asked to take a photograph to better explain it to the team back home. The camera didn’t go off, so he fiddled with the settings to locate the trouble.

“Ah, the self timer was on. We sat outside on the patio for breakfast this morning, so we took a photo,” he explained.

None of us really reacted, so he tried again. “Breakfast. Outside. In NOVEMBER.”

“Right, right!” We Californians nodded and agreed, yes, that was a miraculous thing indeed.


Anonymous said...

LOL. How we take our weather for granted!!!


Asianmommy said...

You guys are lucky--it's 30 degrees here in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

When I visited Las Vegas in February, 2005, and it was just over 60 degrees out, I insisted on swimming. I had purchased a maternity bathing suit for Just! That! Reason! And I wasn't alone in the pool - but we soon discovered that everyone who was taking a dip was Canadian. Apparently, only we would think that 60 degree weather is good for swimming in.