Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Still No Home Decor

We had a friend over for dinner last night while she was in town, and since she's expecting her first baby shortly, it was convenient that our guys were behaving like poster children for having little boys. "More tomatoes, please!" and so forth.

(Note: Yesterday was the first time I've heard Buster carefully say "To-matoes," as his favorite vegetable has been "MAY-toes" until now. I'm going to have to remember to adjust my speech to match. Nothing quite as goofy as a mother who uses baby talk for words her baby can already say correctly.)

Anyhow, almost three years after moving in, our house is still in its state of un-decor, so I'm glad that we decided long ago it wasn't going to be something that would keep us from having friends over. "Welcome to our lab," we say. "Someday, we'll buy furniture, but until then, the boys have a home gym."

Susan Wagner, over at Friday Playdate, shows a picture of how she's planning to decorate the remaining blank wall in her home, by hanging an arrangement of pictures. I love that idea. However, I'm seized with paralysis - if we start with these pictures here, what if we get it WRONG? Every room is an opportunity to create a look, but while nothing is started, anything is possible.

Then I talk myself down and think, ok, we'll just get started on one wall. And by that point, it's time to continue what seems like my 20 hour workday and I'm back on the computer. Someday, we'll get to it, I swear.


Magpie said...

I usually hang like that. Start in the middle and edge your way out. The beauty of it is that when something else comes along that must hang on that wall, it'll fit in.

appleseed said...

When asked to describe the style of my house I always go for "Early Toy Store" That pretty much wraps it up!
And I would totally go for the command picture strips so you can rearrange to your hearts content until the pictures are just right without making your walls swiss cheese!

Anonymous said...

There's really no point in decorating while you have a toddler, I say. No point. You get a pass for at least a couple of years.

mayberry said...

My husband was weirdly militant about decorating when we first moved into our house. I'm grateful now, but at the time ... Ugh.

Momma to LG said...

You haven't seen my new photo wall. I should send you a photo, so easy!