Thursday, October 14, 2010


It kind of feels like work is becoming my hobby and I'm not thrilled about it.

On the plus side: I got to do a cool video shoot yesterday (just corporate material, not a music video, sadly), complete with director, cameraman, audio expert, makeup artist, teleprompter operator, script/content manager, and someone to guard the door to make sure no one made noise while the camera was rolling.

It was pretty fun, and I now wish I had a makeup artist for everyday. I'm perfectly happy not to have cameras following me around on a regular basis though.

On the minus side: Missing out on evening time with the boys. And sleep.

On that note, it's time for bed.


Magpie said...


Bob said...

They seem to have a lot of fun playing together.

mayberry said...


(Verification word: whirge. I like it.)

Anonymous said...

I would love a makeup artist. And maybe a lighting tech, to make sure there aren't any unsightly shadows as I load the dishwasher. ;)