Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More on New Clothes

Thanks, y’all, for all the pajama ideas yesterday! I’m going to check out a couple of those stores over the weekend.

For myself, I’m looking for sweats or yoga pants with a pocket big enough for an iPhone. I’ve been wearing these Gap capri-length exercise pants around the house, but it’s getting too cold for them. Any suggestions, brilliant people?

I’ve resolved another of my clothing issues. I only had 6 pairs of nice black socks, which meant that if I didn’t do laundry every week, I’d be stuck wearing the not-nice black socks that cling too tightly to my ankles and make me feel trapped. Tough life, I know.

Anyhow, after the insanity of the last half year at work, I got a bonus, and you what I did? I bought another half dozen pair of nice black socks. I know how to live it up, don’t I!


Stimey said...

Honestly, sometimes it's stuff like that that is the most important.

mayberry said...

Agree with Stimey. New socks can make your whole month!

For the pants, maybe a cargo style?