Sunday, October 31, 2010

LaDanian and Pirate Crew

We had fantastic weather today, perfect for a Halloween outing the the local zoo and park.

Q-ster was excited to wear his pirate costume. I surprised him with new boots. He'd been claiming that his old boots fit just fine, but I knew that he was fibbing because he's grown two shoe sizes. When I brought out the new ones (tall ones! Like Will Turner's!), he admitted that the old ones were really tight. The boots were about $20 at Target and fit many an adventuring profile, if you have interested kids. Just hide the pink box if your boys are sensitive to that kind of thing.

Buster had claimed he wanted to be a pirate too, but I was pretty sure he'd be unwilling to wear a costume, since he's suspicious of unfamiliar clothes. Sure enough, he wouldn't wear the piratey stuff, but he agreed to put on his football jersey. Plus, he caught on to the whole "hey, I can get candy" thing really fast.

The boy has no fear. At the Trick or Treat event, he wended his way between far larger children and adults, approached the treat baskets, waited his turn, and accepted his prize with great seriousness. He led the way a couple of times when his big brother was a little nervous.

On the way back to the car, we passed by another Halloween event where several Clone Troopers were in attendance. The boys refused to pose for pictures with them (not that I blame them - the armored, masked fellows are quite intimidating), but Buster waved back after one made some welcoming gestures.

The post-event reveling was quite entertaining for SwingDaddy and me. Mmmm, treats!

In the evening, we visited a few houses nearby for traditional-style trick or treating, but not very many in our neighborhood participate. SwingDaddy told Q-ster to go ring the doorbell at one of the houses, but he demurred, feeling shy. His little brother marched right by and reached for the bell. Nothing stands in the way, when there's candy to be had!

Hope you had a great Halloween!


Anonymous said...

My own 2-year-old was similarly very bold once he got the hang of things. People are giving you candy, what's there to be afraid of?

Happy (belated) Halloween!

Bob said...

The pirate outfit looks really good- Good job. They look so cute

nonlineargirl said...

Ah, the warm weather Halloween. It makes it so great, not having to bundle up over the costumes (cute cute cute, by the way)