Sunday, October 17, 2010

Capn Jack

A couple of weekends ago, I took the boys to a local fair while SwingDaddy was at a bike race. We were intrigued by the flyer, which said "featuring entertainment by Captain Jack Spareribs and his Pirate Band."

A clever name for a clever fellow, who did magic tricks, a little juggling, and had the patter down perfectly. The Pirate Band turned out to be the "merry band of pranksters" type, rather than musicians, but they didn't disappoint.

Besides, we're still at the age where the only really important thing on an outing is the food.

And the after-party.


Bob said...

What a fun filled day.

mayberry said...

Wow, do they bring that whole set-up to every performance? (I mean Capn Jack, not your boys, who are also handy with the props.)

Anonymous said...

Is there an age where the food ceases to be the most important part of an outing? Because I'm not sure I've reached it, myself.