Thursday, September 16, 2010

Two Year Olds at Soccer Class

Hey baby, it's time for your first soccer class!

Mommy, I see a playground over there.

No really, let's go to the playground.

Yeah, this is much more fun.

I love slides.

Going up the slide is much more fun.

OK fine. Soccer. What do you mean no hands?

Yes, yes. I can kick the ball too.

Note: When I signed up the micro dude for this class, I fully realized that this going to be an exercise in running around outside in the vicinity of soccer balls, rather than really being "soccer." He seemed to be having a good time, which is all that matters. And oh, the cuteness of a bunch of two year olds.


Bob said...

Going up the slide, from the slide side seems to be a must skill for all kids.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, our 2-year-old sports class fell through. I was really looking forward to it, but not enough kids registered.

mayberry said...

What is it they call soccer for little kids -- scramble-ball? Swarm ball? Whatever it is--cute!

Anonymous said...

Ooh oooh, very excited to hear how it goes!

RR starts her first Mommy/Daddy & Me soccer class next weekend, but it will have to be her daddy running around with her, b/c I'm only at slow waddle speed these days.