Sunday, September 05, 2010

Smiles on Wheels

On the road again, and missing my boys.

They accompanied me on an errand a few weeks ago (prior to the acquisition of their cool Clone Trooper shoes), and Buster got irritated with having to sit in the stroller. He wanted to stand "battle sled" style on the running board, like a big boy. Fortunately, his older brother, no dummy, took the chance to enjoy the nice cushy seat.


Bob said...

Great to have a battle sled and a considerate sibling.

mayberry said...

Glad it worked out so they were both happy! (I've tried to push one kid sitting on the other's lap in a cheap umbrella stroller. Not a good idea!)

Anonymous said...

My older child NEVER wanted to be in the stroller until her little brother was in it all the time. Now she would give her eye teeth to be where Q-ster is in that photo. :)