Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mama Faces Her Fears

I survived my first KINDERGARTEN VOLUNTEER episode, and even kinda did ok. Mrs. Kindy Teacher handed me a stack of emergency cards labeled with the kids' names, photos, photos of parents and custodial contact information, and I tucked them into clear plastic sleeves with strings attached. If there's a disaster of some sort, each child will wear his/her card around the neck, easily labeled with who is allowed to retrieve them from school. Very clever.

Then I faced down the next assignment. Cutting construction paper! I almost panicked, but it turned out she didn't need shapes cut or traced (which was an assignment I had specifically not selected, since that would probably end up in some kind of abstract shape catastrophe with me on the scissors), but just required using the paper cutter. Straight lines! I can manage that. And math!

I cut 60 red rectangles, 120 little black rectangles, and 100 long black strips. Now and again, it's nice to have a specific, unambiguous task that one can actually complete without a trans-Atlantic treaty and four thousand hours of conference calls.


mayberry said...

I am afraid of paper-cutters! I'm glad you still have all your fingers.

Bob said...

Good emergency preparations.
I had to take a closer look at the paper-cutter too, didn't see the finger guard, was it hidden by the blade or no finger guard at all.

Stimey said...

The first time I used the paper cutter at school, I totally messed it up. And there wasn't even math involved.

Anonymous said...

It is also very nice to be able to look at a pile of your finished work. There's something about holding a finished product that is extremely satisfying.

Momma to LG said...

OMG those are all tasks I handed out to parents!!! The emergency cards are a nightmare.

BTW, my word verification was SQUISH!!!