Monday, September 20, 2010

Fellow Bloglines Refugees

My longtime blog reading tool, Bloglines, is shutting down on October 1.

What do you suggest as a replacement? Google Reader, Feedburner?

Bonus points for something that's easy to read on the iPhone.

Unrelated cuteness from the Frankfurt airport:


Anonymous said...

Aaaaah!!!! So cute. Me want.

I use google reader, just because it's one less login I need to manage. Don't know how well it works on the mobile.

Fourth Breakfast

Magpie said...

Google reader. And it works okay on the iPhone, though I never then click through to comment.

Anonymous said...

I've always used Google Reader, and I hear it's good on the iPhone. But really, it's no fun when a favourite piece of technology disappears, is it?

Asianmommy said...

I use google reader. Just discovered it at BlogHer & love it!

mayberry said...

I think I'll be switching to Google Reader too. I've heard that Reeder is a good iphone app.