Monday, September 13, 2010

Compost Pressure

This represents possibly the most stressful part of my foreign workday.

After finishing lunch at the company cantina, everyone rapidly separates their discards into the compost bin, the trash bin, a recycling box, a slot for silverware, a tray for glasses, and a rack for the scraped plates.

You can see that there must have been a few non-locals earlier who didn't know where the recycling went and left their bottles on top of the trash can. I'm always setting down my glass first so that I have a free hand with which to deal with compost vs trash, but that puts me in the wrong place in the line and then I'm apologizing to everyone as I go against traffic and then return to locate the plate disposal.

It's all very eco and all, but I'm going to need another trip to master the post-meal aftermath. At least I got the hang of the salad bar this time (hint - walk clockwise.)


fourthbreakfast said...

I found it stressful too. Particularly everyone else's speed. I also didn't know what to do with my half full glass.

Google has a similar set up, but people seemed to take their time

mayberry said...

That does sound stressful! I think our kids will be better at catching on to this stuff than we are, thanks to similar routines at day care at school. Mine learned how to scrape plates here, dump leftover milk there, put trash in here, and so on--at 18 mos.

Anonymous said...

Being eco is fabulous, I'm all down with that. But I will admit that learning new systems, especially when everyone else knows them already. I'm sure the earth thanks you for your efforts, though.

YF said...

So funny, I have run into that not at work, but other places and have been thrilled and stunned at the same time. Some items are questionable and I never know if it is better to put it where you *hope* it goes, recycling, and be wrong or to put it in the trash and be wrong... I would definitely be a clog in the wheel analyzing in the work line.