Monday, September 27, 2010

Butter Baffled

We received a flyer from school today, a school that prohibits children bringing nuts in their snacks and lunches due to allergy concerns, like most schools today. The flyer said:

“Join us! We are graciously accepting: Peanut Butter, Nut Butter, or any other Protein butter in our annual peanut butter drive.”

Besides the questionable opening text (graciously accepting? When it’s a donation request?), it makes me laugh because there’s absolutely no reason given. They’re going to use the peanut butter to threaten wayward children with allergies?

(Yes, yes, I presume that this is a food drive for under-privileged families, but it just made me smile while I checked our cupboard for donation supplies.)

In unrelated news, one of the highlights of my day is when I get home from work and the micro dude throws open the door.

“Hewwo Mommy!”

Today, that was followed immediately with the question, ”Should we order a pizza?”

The child is learning young.


Bob said...

Hard to understand the peanut butter donation request. May be, if you cannot bring peanut/peanut butter to school, you may as well donate it.

Magpie said...

Okay, that peanut butter thing is weird.

Kimberly said...

PB is a food pantry staple, but maybe TELL people that? Just a thought.

Love the pizza comment! Clever boy.

mayberry said...

I've never heard of such a specific food drive!

Anonymous said...

That's so weird!

I actually happened to have a closed container with hazelnuts in it when I picked Hannah up from school today. I'd forgotten about it. But I felt like quite the rebel entering the school grounds with it, let me tell you.