Thursday, September 30, 2010

Better Than a Pillow Pet

Christmas 2010 with the grand trifecta of gifts - a tiger pillow, a lightsaber flashlight, and big brother's play tent.

My parents got the boys awesome tiger pillows for Christmas last year (although I realized we first played with them a year ago in September - look at what a baby Buster was back then!), and little did we know that the tigers were the harbingers of the rabidly trendy Pillow Pets (It's a pillow! It's a pet! It's a Pillow Pet!).

My mom and dad are so ahead of the game. Our tigers are much bigger and cooler than the Pillow Pets, so we are spared the need to haunt mall kiosks.

Amalah shared the story of her boys and their Pillow Pets here. Highlight: Ezra buried his face in his dog (pillow), kicking and squealing with uncontainable glee, a precocious start to a lifetime of Personal Fulfillment Through Goods As Seen On TeeVee.

(Profanity warning, so don't click over if you're unaccustomed to strong language.)

This is my week for unrelated tags, so let's just go ahead and add one more: I just turned in the signature pages for my first patent application!

One of the clauses was the standard corporate agreement that I grant the rights of the patent to the Company for the sum of one dollar.

It made me think of the remarkable Professor Richard Feynman of CalTech, who nagged his boss so insistently about "Where is my ONE DOLLAR?" for one of his patents that his boss finally gave in and just gave him a dollar out of his own pocket. Back in those days, the dollar was enough to spend on quite a selection of snacks, which he shared with his department . . which led to all the other engineers insisting that they get their one dollar too.


Bob said...

What a different in size in one year, for a toddler. That picture of Buster luxuriating in the fuzziness is so cool.

mayberry said...

Wow, a patent! I love it. We should get you patent pet to celebrate.

mayberry said...

I mean A patent pet!

Magpie said...

Ooh, a patent? Cool.

I have only heard of pillow pets on blogs. I hope it stays that way. We have way too many stuffed animals.

T. said...

Hooray for the patent, and wow, what a difference in size that year!

Anonymous said...

If you don't get your dollar, isn't the contract void? It is the agreed-upon sale price, after all.

I think I'd want my dollar, too.

Desiree said...

Just clicked over after your FB comment. :)

Well we have succumbed to the pillow pet mania - I ordered two for the boys just earlier today. Too bad they don't have the tiger ones at Costco anymore, though Andrew was insistent on getting a bunny pillow!!

OMG and the link to your blog friend's post is HILARIOUS. I am so glad that the number of toy commercials have slimmed down significantly from when we were kids...