Thursday, August 12, 2010

Unexpected Mashups

We love Lego. We love Star Wars. So of course, Lego Star Wars is the best thing ever to Q-ster, and to a lesser extent, Buster. The little dude knows Lego Indiana Jones and that there is also Lego Harry Potter and Lego Batman, so naturally, he assumes that there are Lego versions of everything.

Q-ster: Can we see Lego Riverdance?
Um, no.

The other night, he asked to see Lego High School Musical, and I told him that sadly, there was no such thing. He told me just to look, and I thought, why not? There's no product, but that doesn't mean that some crazed fan hasn't . . . sure enough. Lego High School Musical.

In other news, Buster grew from a plump bellied baby into a toddler during the week I was gone. He has great interest in singing into the microphone that Agu built for Q-ster years ago.


Bob said...

Looking good, waiting for the Youtube moment.

Anonymous said...

Buster really is looking more like a little boy in that photo. They just grow up WAY too fast.