Monday, August 16, 2010

Tragedy Strikes at IKEA

Buster and I went to IKEA over the weekend to find the adorable play food.

Here's the fruit basket, including a watermelon slice, banana, two orange halves, two green apple halves, a bunch of grapes, and one kiwi half. Not sure why there's only half a kiwi, but perhaps budget crunches have hit our plush CSA.

The breakfast set. Notice the fabric cutting board and delicate plush knife. I don't even eat fried eggs, but the sunny side up makes me hungry.

I didn't bring home the desserts because they weren't as cute in person as they were in the photograph. But tragedy of tragedies - they were already sold out of the veggie basket! The autumn catalog arrived just last week, and they're already sold out. Sigh. Maybe they'll restock.

I consoled myself by making a little plush BLT. Isn't the curly cloth bacon the cutest?

Ok, back to regular life. By the way, I'm letting the boys play with the food too.


Bob said...

They put more details into the food/fruit nowadays. Yes the bacon strips are very nicely done. There are sliced red bell peppers, Swiss cheese and a few things I can't recognize.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, no more veggies??

Would you consider the Under the Nile veggies in a crate? RR has some from Country Sun, but it looks like they're available on Amazon too and probably elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Such tragedy! A return trip in a few weeks is definitely in order. The post-catalog / back-to-school rush will die down, they'll restock, and all will be well.

Pol* said...

Hi I'm visiting from Amber's blog!
I sent my sister to IKEA this weekend because of your cute plush food post!
I hope they had some when she went because they are too cute for words... yummy plush bacon!

Michele said...

I don't even have kids and I wanted to see those in person! (and maybe buy them for a kid I know) SO cute!