Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thank God The Micro Dude Grew Too

Last night was a bit stressful when I searched for the Captain Rex shoes on the Stride Rite website and discovered that Buster's feet would have needed to grow two sizes also, in order to fit in to the smallest pair at size 8.5. I called the store first thing in the morning, and they one remaining pair of 8.5s in stock.

We drove in. The micro dude was surprisingly compliant in stepping on the foot-measuring device. Everyone held their breath.

The store associate looked carefully at his foot. "Looks like he's an 8. You'll need an 8.5."

"Hooray!" SwingDaddy and I cheered. "Do you want Clone Trooper shoes?" I asked Buster.

He smiled shyly and said, "Yes."


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the shoe story has a happy ending. Hooray for fast-growing kids' feet!

Bob said...

That's what I called marketing via elder siblings.

Anonymous said...


and this is late, but, hooray for the start of kindergarten too!
I hope it's continuing to go well as he adjusts, and that whatever time slot he's in has worked out well for your schedule.