Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Paralyzed by the Kindergarten Volunteer Form

On the first day of school, we received piles and piles of forms to fill out, some of it redundant, but mostly critical stuff like emergency contact information. Now, we’re getting to the secondary material – school lunch signups, library card permission slips, that kind of thing.

Today, I faced down the parent volunteer form. It shouldn’t be that hard, but I feel like I need to evaluate whether I’m qualified for each task.

Make copies – sure, I can run a copier
Classroom helpers (clerical) – that sounds ok too
Weekly envelopes – can’t make the time slot they need
Take home projects (cutting, tracing) – oh god, no. Do you remember the felt Christmas ornament debacle?

Actually, you don’t, because I think I quietly buried that project. SwingDaddy laughed at me when I read the “cutting and tracing” request to him and told me that I should refuse that assignment, for the sake of the children. What if they couldn’t identify the shapes I cut? Thanks a lot.

I think I’ll probably be running the copier a lot this year.

In other news, Buster was playing with little wooden puzzle shapes today and I sat down with him. He handed me a red piece. “Pizza!”

Next, he gave me a green oval. “Lettuce!”
A yellow triangle. “Cheese!”

I picked up a blue square. “What’s this one, honey?”
“It’s a square!”

Duh. Silly mommy.


Stimey said...

The copier scares me more than anything. I have to ask for help every single time I'm in the school copy room. I fear the day I have to change the paper.

Bob said...

Good answer, unless he's seen blue corn chip strips.

Anonymous said...

He's clearly one step ahead of you. Which is sort of the way it should be, I think.

mayberry said...

If only you were a parent at my kids' school. You could help lift electric keyboards with me every Tuesday and Thursday!

... and now I shall read all the posts I have missed over the last two weeks.

Asianmommy said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

I somehow got roped into being co-room parent.

Don't ever say you will do something if no one else volunteers because you know what? No one else ever volunteers!

I also said I would come in for art class once a month.

Oh and I'm on the board of directors of our preschool.

And don't get me started on Girl Scouts...I may have accidentally volunteered to help with that too.

Just say no.