Thursday, August 26, 2010

Observations of the Useless Kind

* I iTunes-ed "Outta Your Mind," the song Napoleon and Tabitha used for the awesome Twitch/Alex Dance Doctor number on SYTYCD and decided on the "clean" version, since I have the boys in the car with me too often to want to have to remember to skip ahead on an "explicit" version. I totally should have gotten half-price on the song, because more than half of the words are bleeped out.

* The ultra-cool oversized sunglasses that I bought (for a great price at Forever 21!) prior to BlogHer are fun in California, but acted like a domed moisture trap in the humid New York weather. Fortunately, the sun didn't feel as bright there, so sunglasses weren't a necessity.

* The micro dude is insisting that it's "Winnie Love Pooh" and ABSOLUTELY NOT "Winnie the Pooh." And you know what, Winnie THE Pooh makes no sense at all, so I'm going with his story.


mayberry said...

I like Winnie Love Pooh too. I'll join that movement.

Bob said...

They should have changed the words instead of bleeping it out. Asked for a refund on iTune.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, all you can do is concede the wisdom of children.

And that bleeping must be bleeping annoying. ;)