Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mucho Lego

The little dude and his pirate ship.

We're now on a Pirates of the Caribbean craze which is killing me, because both boys are definitely too young to be watching the movies, and there's no age-appropriate Lego tie-in to play. I can't even remember how they got interested. Maybe a movie tie-in easy reader book that Q-ster borrowed from the library? Maybe because I have the soundtrack on my iPod?

We're endlessly answering Q-ster's questions about the characters and plot - and they're really complicated plots! Even saying who is a bad guy and who is a good guy is tough. In reality, pirates were pretty awful. In movie fantasy, they're fun, romantic, and sometimes the good guys. Although many characters sort of switch back and forth, which give us the entertaining opportunity to explain "protagonist" rather than good guy to a five year old. Fortunately, Buster is not so demanding yet, and is happy to sing "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me" without questioning character motivation.

Walking on a sandy median becomes crossing a pirate island. Driving between bollards is avoiding the arms of the kraken. Everyday life has a more colorful edge when you're living with little pirates.

The little dude even made his first movie! He built two Lego pirate ships and a sea monster, and we staged a little stop motion movie. It's a bit light on plot, but hey, the sea monster gets totally disassembled by the final frame, so there's plenty of action.

His other Lego project of the week is this doctor's kit, which as far as I can tell is unrelated to the pirate saga. It's pretty good though - can you recognize the stethoscope, syringe, tongue depressor and ophthalmoscope (eye/ear checker thing)? The loose pieces are band-aids. The Legos have been worth their weight in gold.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at the Playmobile pirate sets. They have an amazing series, even with glow in the dark sea monsters. The Palo Alto toy shop carries them

Fourth B

Bob said...

Stop motion movie, how interesting. I remember I deliberately bought a movie camera that I can take frame by frame. It took forever to do a 5 seconds show for Lego Star War's Imperial Cruiser.

Great work and imagination for the doctor's kit.