Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Day, Plus Shoemaker to Clones

Here's our big boy, ready for his first day of kindergarten.

We walked up to his classroom, he gave me a hug, and stepped through the door, pausing to turn around and wave at me. When Nanny J, Buster, and I came to pick him up, he came bounding out in high spirits. The first two days of school have gone great, and I hope they're a sign of the year to come.

I thought I was so clever last month when I checked each boy's shoe size, and picked up a pair of sneakers for each of them, one size bigger than before, at the outlet mall. Essentially half price for Stride Rite shoes. What a well-prepared mama!

Anyway, then I saw these at the BlogHer sponsor Expo. Yep, Stride Rite has a new line of Star Wars shoes. Darn it! I bought shoes too early!

The General Grievous shoe is just too perfect, matching the shape of his face. The Clone Trooper shoe is especially well executed, but they're all nice designs, better than what Adidas created for adult Star Wars fans a few months back.

The day before school started, I had Q-ster put on his new shoes. And he complained they were too tight. Hmmm. I had him wear his now-really-really-too-small old shoes to school, and we went to the mall in the afternoon. He was not excited to go shoe shopping.

Dude, you have to try on the shoes this time. And you're really going to want them, I promise.

Here are his Captain Rex shoes, TWO sizes larger than his old pair. Blue lights flash whenever he stomps his feet, which is pretty much constantly, now that he has such entertaining footwear. I can't express how much he loves his new shoes.

And now his little brother is refusing to put on the new simple pair I bought him, so I think I'm going to be stuck returning both pairs of those nicely priced shoes I bought. I'm crossing my fingers that the micro dude has also grown two shoe sizes, because if he hasn't, his feet are too small for Clone Trooper shoes. And then what are we going to do?


Anonymous said...

I will cross my fingers for the micro-dude's foot growth. I think your chances are good, given his age. Feet grow fast!

If not, I guess you could always stick tissue paper in the toes. ;)

Desiree said...

Those shoes are awesome. I best not show Andrew as his school dress code requires solid black or white shoes (what?!). Those might make the christmas list for weekend shoes though because I know he would love them. Thanks for sharing!!

Bob said...

Love the photos