Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Through a Foggy Window

Trying to figure out what has happened by questioning a five year old can be simply maddening. At dinner tonight, I asked Q-ster how his last day of summer preschool went.

Q: good
Me: What did you do?
Q: nothing
Me: did you play with your friends?
Q: yes
Me: Did you play outside?
Q: yes.
Me: Did you say goodbye to your teachers?

Q: Teacher Doris fell down and spilled the raisins
Me: oh no! Was this outside?
Q: yes
Me: Did she get up again?
Q: she lay down for a while to rest
Me: after she got back inside?
Q: no, outside

Me: so she lay down to rest outside.
Q: yes
Me: did Teacher Betty come to help?
Q: yes, and so did a fire truck and an ambulance!
Me: ?! (Thinking to myself, he manages to not mention an ambulance came to preschool until now?) So, they helped Teacher Doris and she felt better?
Q: yes
Me: Then the ambulance went away and you talked to her?
Q: no
Me: Did she go to the hospital with the ambulance?
Q: She went for a little ride with them
Me: ok

Teacher Betty must have had a heck of a time explaining the situation to the rest of the kids and keeping them calm. The phrase about going for a “little ride” is clearly from either the teacher or the EMT. I need to talk to our nanny tomorrow and see if there had been a fuller explanation at school pickup that we didn’t get a chance to discuss.

The little dude can be a good communicator, but conveying the critical elements of a complex situation is not quite there yet.

In other news, So You Think You Can Dance has developed a depressing track record of injured performers. For the third week in a row, a contestant is too injured to dance. Last week and tonight, the contestants had been in the bottom three during the previous episode anyway, but losing Alex Wong was heartbreaking. He might have won the whole thing. At least it seems like his Achilles tendon operation was successful. Poor kids – I hope they all heal well and quickly.


mayberry said...

Holy moly! Can't believe he didn't mention that upfront! (And I hope Teacher Doris is OK.)

Bob said...

"What did you do?" "Nothing" is the correct answer, but nothing about the emergency.

With that many injuries, I didn't even watch the entire sytycd show.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a really exciting day at preschool. And it also sounds really typical that you would have to work really hard to try to pry the details out of your 5-year-old. They're so fun that way.

I hope Teacher Doris is feeling much better!

Lara said...

I hope the teacher is okay!

This season of SYTYCD is starting to scare me with all the injuries. Losing Alex was so tough, but at least he'll be back next season. I wonder if he's single... He's a good Christian dancer! :)