Monday, July 19, 2010

Temporary Lisp (I Hope), Plus Octopi

I think that one of Q-ster’s new friends at summer preschool has a lisp, because he’s suddenly developed a pattern of saying things like “altho (also)” and “awethome.” I’ve been gently correcting him, and he’s been able to hear the difference and pronounce the words correctly each time.

We’re only days away from the end of the class, so I’m not planning to ask the teachers about it. I don’t remember hearing any lisps during the week we were away on vacation, so let’s hope it just disappears in a few days. Fingers crossed.

In unrelated but highly cute news, Squishables, the origins of my beloved O-pus, the huggy plush octopus that the boys gleefully drag into the floor or bed and onto which they fling themselves repeatedly, is holding Take Your Squishy to Work Day this Thursday. If you send them a photo of your Squishable “exploring the perils of your workplace,” they’ll donate a dollar to their partner, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation for the Environment of the Gulf Fund. My office is so full of gear right now that O-pus may not fit, but I love the idea.

I also love the Squishables. The hedgehog first caught my eye.

And here’s a blue mouse, in honor of my sister’s son’s lovey.

Here are the boys again, playing with the octopus. You will notice in the background that I did indeed succumb to getting the octopus towel. Hey, my beach towel was over two decades old, it was time for an update!


Bob said...

Squishing the octopus, cute. Knowing how to lisp (knowing the difference) will help in Spanish or how to impersonate Count Dracula.

mayberry said...

Maybe you could take a picture of O-pus in your home office.

fourthbreakfast said...

I love that hedgehog. aaaah! Another blue mouse!

Mocha said...

The octupus is SO cute and the kids! They're cuter!