Monday, July 05, 2010

Sealife, the Really Cute Kind

On my last trip to the Aquarium, many years ago, I was disappointed to see their gift shop stocked with only biologically correct plush sea creatures. They looked kind of like this:

A little dull, not very attractive, and definitely no cute, anthropomorphic expressions with long eyelashes.

I'm happy to say that Aquarium has come to the realization that to fulfill the mission of the gift shop, which is to raise money for research, they should expand their merchandise to include wildly biologically inaccurate friends like this highly caffeinated sea star:

By the way, jellyfish have become "jellies" and starfish have become "sea stars" because scientists want to remind us that neither are fish, but why are sea horses still called sea horses? Hmmm.

And even the neighboring candy shops have sea decorations.

There was an octopus in the shop, but I ended up bringing home a tiny fuzzy purple jelly. Small enough to slide under the no-more-plush-creatures moratorium.

Looking through the pictures again, I'm kind of regretting not also getting the sea star, but enough is enough, I suppose.


Bob said...

Lovely sea creatures except the first one (looked like cooked seafood). Highly caffeinated sea star is such a funny and accurate term.

Anonymous said...

I love the sea star! The jellie looks pretty enough to hang on the Christmas tree:)

Fourth Breakfast

Anonymous said...

Wow, that sea star really IS highly caffeinated. And freaking adorable, too. Hooray for anthropomorphic plushies!