Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sealife, the Real Kind

We enjoyed a Fourth of July aquarium outing. Fish!

At the "Hot Pink Flamingos" exhibit, I saw the pinkest baby flamingo ever, just as advertised. You can just see it, trotting off the side of the picture.
So pink!

Oh, nevermind. It's a scarlet ibis.

Buster admires a penguin.

Jellies, my favorite aquarium creatures.

Q-ster makes friends with a seahorse.

Baby on a half-shell.

Tomorrow, the plush ones!


Asianmommy said...

I love looking at jellyfish, too--almost as much as I like watching stingrays.

Bob said...

What an aquarium, and what a huge piece of glass. We got to see a very active octopus when we visited.
I didn't remember seeing ibis or penguins though. Great shot of the kids.

YF said...

Ditto on the Jellies, and that baby on the half shell looks DELICIOUS!