Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Perils of Being Paul

After all the attention garnered by Paul the World Cup Psychic Octopus, I was wondering whether I should try getting a gig like that for O-pus. Imagine, a Plush Oracle Octopus!

Then I saw that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has accused Paul of spreading “western propaganda and superstition” and that he’s received death threats from fans of the losing soccer teams. The President of Spain, predicted and actual World Cup champion, has offered the octopus asylum.

My favorite quote is: "Paul, who lives at Germany's Oberhausen Sea Life Centre, could not be reached for comment."

I think that O-pus will continue leading his snuggly life off the world stage.


Bob said...

Even if you look at the probability of making so many correct guesses, that still pretty impressive for O-pus.

Anonymous said...

It's probably best to keep the O-pus out of the limelight.

Also, I can't BELIEVE the way that people are reacting to that octopus. Poor Paul!

appleseed said...

Because you know, there aren't bigger things in the world to deal with than one amazing cephalopod!
On a completely unrelated note, have you been watching or even heard about LXD on Hulu?

mayberry said...

I did hear at least one restaurateur in Spain who took octopus off his menu as a tribute to Paul.