Friday, July 30, 2010

Non Sequitur Theatre Again

After about two hundred episodes of Non Sequitur Day, I can finally spell the word without looking it up.

1) Nanny J reports that Buster shot six successful baskets in our backyard hoop today! His big brother says that they are giving him “lessons.”

2) Q-ster’s swim lessons have been going well too. He was initially reluctant, and we had to discuss many examples. For instance, Obi-wan Kenobi can swim – that’s how he got to the Gungan city. Indiana Jones can swim – he swam to the float plane to escape the bad guys. Everyone in High School Musical can swim – they had that big pool party at the end of movie 2.

Once he actually got to class, he liked it. SwingDaddy reports that he’s been making steady progress, learning to backfloat and dunk his head, and all those pre-swimming skills. With Buster, we’ll probably be able to say, “Your brother can swim,” and he will plunge himself into the pool.

3) Guy Kawasaki posted a link to a (long) fascinating article about how trendy philosophies like The Tipping Point, where certain influencing individuals are responsible for starting trends, are inaccurate when scientifically measured. Researcher Duncan Watts says that his work shows that anyone is just as capable of starting trends – it’s essentially random and situation based, rather than special-person-based. I found The Tipping Point very engaging, so this contrary research is timely, especially in regards to how marketers often approach mom-bloggers as influencers to launch new products.

4) I’m currently have nightly toothbrushing races with Q-ster. Whoever brushes their teeth the longest “wins,” which was to counter the two-second brush routine he’d fallen into. He won three nights in a row, so he told me he was going to let me win tonight so I wouldn’t feel badly. Awwww.


Bob said...

#2. Good motivational methods, ending with "your brother can swim" one.

Anonymous said...

Awww, on the tooth-brushing thing. Also, clever parenting. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, you have comic wit! I write about three little men, among other things, in the story I'm posting at I hope you will take a peek. Little men (and the big ones too) come with funny stories.

mayberry said...

Wow--six baskets! I'm sure I could never get that many and I probably am at least two feet taller than Buster.

Stimey said...

Your toothbrushing game is so smart. I might pit my kids against each other with that.